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How is wind created?
Wind is caused by the sun’s heating of the atmosphere, the irregularities of the earth's surface and its rotation.

What is wind power?
Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into more useful forms, usually electricity, using wind turbines. This source of energy is pollution-free and infinitely sustainable; it doesn't use fuel, it doesn't produce greenhouse gasses, and it doesn't produce toxic or radioactive waste.

What is Small/Distributed Wind?
Small Wind, also called distributed wind, refers to an individual home, business, or site that produces its own energy, therefore taking a percentage of its energy usage off of the utility grid.

What are vertical axis wind turbines?
Wind turbines are designed to produce energy across a wide range of wind speeds. Vertical axis wind turbines go one step further, harnessing winds from any direction simulatenously.

Why wind? What about solar?
Wind energy is a very affordable form of renewable energy and is in fact a form of solar energy itself.Wind energy is known to be a very compact form of renewable energy. For example he UGE-4K wind turbine has a maximum shadow of 80 square feet. A similar amount of solar panel output could take up to 800 square feet! Wind is also present day and night – and not affected negatively by winter like solar is – making wind power a more consistent form of energy.

Are wind turbines hazardous to birds?
Wind turbines are less hazardous to birds than high-rise buildings, automobiles, transmission lines and pet cats.

Are wind turbines noisy?
Ambient noise from passing cars or rustling leaves is often greater than the sound of a wind turbine.

How reliable are wind turbines?
Modern wind turbines are very reliable. They can withstand 180-kilometers-per-hour winds and temperatures as low as - 40°C.

How do I know where to install a wind turbine?
Our experts deal with siting and planning issues every day, and they will be able to provide you with an estimate of how much energy a turbine may provide you. They can also help you determine the best site on your property, be it a roof, lawn, or remote location.

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