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  • Wind technology is simple and reliable.
  • Wind energy is quiet and does not present any significant hazard to birds or other wildlife.
  • When large arrays of wind turbines are installed on farmland, only about 2% of the land area is required for the wind turbines. The rest is available for farming, livestock, and other uses.
  • Landowners often receive payment for the use of their land, which enhances their income and increases the value of the land.
  • Ownership of wind turbine generators by individuals and the community allows people to participate directly in the preservation of our environment.
  • Each megawatt-hour of electricity that is generated by wind energy helps to reduce the 0.8 to 0.9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by coal or diesel fuel generation each year

While wind energy is the most cost effective renewable energy source available today, it may not be the right renewable resource for your facility. Rombro Solar can assist you in finding the right renewable energy technology that fits your specific needs and desired outcomes.

A renewable energy project offers:
• Energy generation to offset higher cost of peak power purchasing
• Offset the higher cost of diesel generated energy
• Total or partial energy independence
• Energy cost avoidance
• Energy cost reduction
• Carbon Footprint reduction
• Fund balance protection
• Demonstration of environmental stewardship

We customize our innovative solutions and financial models to meet each individual customer's needs, budgets and desired outcomes.

Contact us for a free consultation, to explore the wind energy possibilities available for your facilities.



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