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UGE Wind Turbines
Solar wind turbines by UGE and Rombro Solar Canada
Super versatile and durable, UGE’s smallest wind turbine is the perfect solution for off-grid power generation. This unit is ideal for street lights, boats and marine applications, or any location where power needs to be generated on site. Ideal for customers looking to lessen their impact on the environment or attain energy security, the eddy wind turbine epitomizes simplicity and convenience.
Ho Yi Wind turbines by Professional installers Rombro Solar Ontario Canada

h: 1.8 m
w: 1.4 m 600 W
Solar wind turbines by UGE and Rombro Solar Canada

Vision Air

Eddy’s older brother, eddyGT allows you to sell energy into your electric grid and has the capacity to offset a significant portion of your energy use. VisionAIR – The most technologically advanced small wind turbine; the perfect balance of strength and elegance. eddy-gt-wind-turbine-rombo-solar


h: 2.7 m
w: 1.8 m 1000 W

h: 5.2 m
w: 3.2 m 3600 kWh
Solar wind turbines by UGE and Rombro Solar Canada
Perfect for large-scale commercial applications, UGE-9M makes an impressive environmental statement. UGE-9M-Helical-wind-turbine

h: 9.6 m
w: 6.4 m 10000 W
Outdoor Lighting
Solar wind turbines by UGE and Rombro Solar Canada

Help revolutionize the world of public lighting by using the graceful Sanya streetlamps, which combine power from the wind and the sun for a complete, off-grid, hybrid solution.

Back to a time of elegance and charm… Trust the Boardwalk streetlamp to adorn your pathways as a fully-renewable solution.

UGE-Sanya-elegant-city-outdoor-lighting Boardwalk Outdoor Lighting Boardwalk-outdoor-lighting-solar-installation-Rombro-Solar-Canada-UGE
Siting, Control & Monitoring
Solar wind turbines by UGE and Rombro Solar Canada
Ready to capture the wind’s energy, but unsure of the wind speeds at your location? UGE’s 1st Step professional weather station is like having a weatherman on your roof. ViewUGE allows you to take full control of your energy production, establishing a direct connection between you and your renewable energy generation. View.Control. Share.
UGE-1st-step-professional-weather-station ViewUGE-electric-vehicle-charging-station-monitoring
Electric Vehicle Chargers
Solar wind turbines by UGE and Rombro Solar Canada
Collaborating with GE to provide electric vehicles with the cleanest energy possible… Directly from the wind! UGE-Sanya-wind-powered-electric-vehicle-charging-station  
UGE Fusion wind turbine solution for mobile network operators at a fraction of cost adn affordable solution
For Mobile Network Operators and tower owners
suffering from the high operating expenses and
intermittency of remote power supply, UGE Fusion offers an end-to-end energy solution that provides more reliability at a fraction of the cost.
UGE Fusion Diagram- wind turbine tower solutions saving energy tower and mobile network operators
UGE Fusion wind and solar turbine solutions for tower owners and mobile network operators

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