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Company profile
Founded in 2008, UGE provides the only comprehensive distributed renewable energy solutions with the necessary versatility, durability and energy security to be implemented across the range of harsh environments our enterprise clients face.

We have designed and created the most durable and versatile wind turbine, and are leading the industry in remote monitoring and control and power electronics. In addition, we have developed a proprietary site assessment and planning platform, which has allowed it to deploy solutions in over 70 countries from its headquarters in New York City.

We take pride in offering high-quality vertical-axis wind turbines and hybrid wind and solar streetlamps to customers around the world. Along with our cutting-edge green energy solutions, we promise exceptional safety, reliability and quality customer service. Our vertical axis wind turbines have received third-party certification for their power and safety design as well as noise and vibration levels.

UGE has grown to be the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) through its dedication to design, energy output, wide ranging solutions, and superlative customer service via our worldwide network of local partners.

UGE has cutting-edge renewable energy solutions suitable for any site. From our proprietary wind turbines to our seamless integration with solar, advanced power electronics, and storage, we can find a solution to suit your specific needs.

Self-sustainable lighting systems by UGE are redefining outdoor lighting solutions as a whole. For areas with unreliable or inexistent grids, the costs of providing reliable wiring from the electrical grid to the site can be prohibitive.Our off-grid lighting solutions require no external wiring, and provide energy seamlessly for years at a time. We will help you site the project, select the right renewable energy options, understand cost savings, obtain financing, and organize deployment.

Urban Green Technology is dedicated to being a leader in certified renewable energy systems. Our products carry the following certifications:

  • Safety Certifications (European Conformity (CE) and IEC 61400-2)
  • Power Performance Certifications (IEC 61400-12)
  • Noise Level Certifications (IEC 61400-11)
  • Vibration Level Certifications (ISO-2631)


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For corporate locations with ample space for large installations, UGE has $0 money down options where you pay us every month as energy is produced on your site. No need to make a large capital expenditure - save money, go green, and stop worrying about cash flow. This solution is an excellent option for enterprise customers with ample space, high energy prices, and good credit.
To find out more about our financed solution please contact your local UGE Partner. We will gladly analyze the suitability of your site and the potential project profits

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