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Today more than ever we are faced with the need to explore alternative energy sources. Fossil fuel prices are skyrocketing and emissions are contributing to global warming. Catastrophic consequences, such as polar ice caps melting, are now a reality, endangering native animal and plant species. In addition, rising sea levels and changes in weather patterns are real threats.
Reversing this dangerous trend seems like a daunting task, but we, as individuals, can make a difference and set an example for others to follow. The best place to start making a difference is at home and at work. Solar and wind power could be the answer to all of these problems.
New advances in technologies make renewables the logical choice. Systems are more efficient than ever, producing all our electrical power needs. The power is produced where it will be consumed, efficiency at its best. With great incentive programs implemented by provincial and federal governments, it has become more affordable than ever. Installing a renewable energy system in your home or business, not only will save you money in electrical bills, but it also will contribute to drastically reducing your carbon footprint.

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Organizations and Associations
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Canadian Solar Industry Association (CANSIA)
Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)
Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
Canadian Renewable Energy Network (CANREN)
Centre for Energy
Green Energy Act Alliance (GEAA)
Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Natural Resources Canada
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
Ontario Power Authority (OPA)
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)
Ontario Energy Board (OEB)
Solar Energy International (SEI)

Renewable Energy News
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• New York Times: Solar Energy News
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