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Financial Benefits of a Home Solar Installation
A solar power system on your home is a long term, low risk, high return way to invest your money. With the implementation of the Feed in Tariff program, under the Green Energy Act of 2009, Solar power installations in Ontario offer an initial tax free annual return on investment from 30% to 40%. This is far higher than high risk investments such as stocks and bonds. At the same time, as utility rates increase, the annual return increases the value of your home! According to a recent study, for every $1 decrease in annual utility bills, the selling price of a home went up by $20. In more mature solar markets like California, some homeowners have recouped 100% of their solar system investment upon resale. An intelligent and elegantly designed system by ROMBRO Solar will go far in making your home the star of your neighborhood! 
By going solar, you become the owner, not a renter, of your own green power plant. That makes solar power a truly smart investment.

Start Saving Today
From the minute it’s turned on, your solar power system starts generating electricity and savings whenever the sun is shining. During the hot summers days when electricity rates are typically higher, your system is at its peak power production. During the winter months, the lack of sunlight is compensated by the increased efficiency of the solar cells which are known to yield a higher output at lower ambient temperatures. How much your utility company is actually going to pay you depends on the size of your solar energy system combined with a smart design that maximizes efficiency. 

Lock in Low Electricity Rates
The rates you currently pay for electricity are bound to keep going up. On average, electricity prices in Canada have increased about 5% per year for the last 30 years. A solar installation is like locking in current rates. A simple analogy—imagine if you could lock in the price of gasoline for your car for the next 25-30 years. Your price per gallon would remain the same even if oil prices climbed off the charts (a safe bet!) By going solar, it’s like buying a forty-year power contract, if there was such a thing. The energy market is always volatile. But the more rates rise in the future, the more valuable your investment will become.

Virtually Maintenance Free
Solar is a proven technology with no moving parts. So you can count on a well-designed solar generation system to reliably power your home with no worries of ongoing maintenance costs or system breakdowns.

Virtually No Environmental Impact 
With no atmospheric emissions, no moving parts or support machinery, no fuel requirement or greenhouse gases, PV is environmentally friendly. Renewable and unlimited, the sun provides all the energy. Even on overcast days, smart microinverter technology can help store up energy like water dripping into a bucket, then ‘dump’ bursts of power into the grid. System lifetime expectation of 25+ years with recyclable components means the product lifecycle has very little waste.

By the numbers:
Over 25 Years, a typical 3kW Solar Electric System will offset the following:
• 180,000 lbs of CO2 (greenhouse gas)
• 300,000 miles driven in an average car (at 12,000 Miles a Year)
• Protects our air quality, equal to planting 1.5 acres of trees
• Prevents more than 90,000 lbs of fossil fuel from being burned

So, why go solar?
Because you have the opportunity to turn your home into a producer of clean, renewable solar energy. You’ll become part of the solution to global warming. You’ll also gain independence from rising energy costs. Because you’ll lower your utility bills, gain energy independence, and help create a better environment and a better future. It’s easy to do, easy to live with, and it pays for itself. 

We are highly qualified professionals who can answer all of your questions about solar, and install a system that perfectly fits your home and lifestyle. Whether you choose photovoltaic, thermal, or both, you’ll enjoy dependable renewable energy, lower utility bills, and personal satisfaction for many years to come. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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