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Founded in 2010 by two eco-conscious brothers with a strong background in education, general contracting, property investment and business administration, Rombro Solar Energy Inc. is an Ontario based, privately owned and operated company, dedicated to providing high quality renewable energy solutions to individuals, businesses and institutions.

Our comprehensive offer includes grid-tied and stand-alone turnkey solar, wind and hybrid power systems, ranging from cutting edge design vertical axis wind turbines, to elegant hybrid powered streetlights, and from highly efficient solar photovoltaic installations for homes and businesses to complex power systems for telecoms and electric car charging stations.

Our History
Since its inception, Rombro Solar and its partners have successfully completed over 1 MW of solar microFIT and FIT installations, and are involved in developing numerous residential and commercial solar projects throughout Southern Ontario.

Looking into the future we are also exploring opportunities in the electric vehicle research and development sector and are constantly keeping in tune with the latest advancements in science and renewable technologies.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our clients with the most reliable, practical, cost-effective and efficient renewable energy technology for their needs.Our company is created upon value, education and pride. We believe that value and quality always matter, that careful planning and tireless attention to detail are rewarded time after time and that true commitment to customer satisfaction is the real key to success.


Our Vision
Our vision is to educate and assist our clients in becoming responsible stewards of the environment, by promoting the use of sustainable energy resources for the advancement of our planet, and to improve the quality of life now and for the generations to come.



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